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Our Story

Tymofii Shcherbatykh

Founder and Volunteer of SaveKyiv, an entrepreneur from Donetsk

Tymofii relocated his business to Kyiv after Donetsk oblast was occupied by Russians. When the war broke all over Ukraine, he decided to take action and help people in need survive the humanitarian crisis.

Scott Sturges

Founder and CEO of 3D Source from Chicago. Currently a volunteer for SaveKyiv

Scott has been operating a 3D Research and Development company in Ukraine for 20+ years.  Now he spends his time helping with the humanitarian effort in Ukraine through the SaveKyiv organization.

Two entrepreneurs in Kyiv, Ukraine launched during the beginning of the war in Ukraine in late February 2022. CEO of Archivizer, Tymofii Shcherbatykh, and CEO of 3D Source, Scott Sturges have been great friends and business associates working together for several years in the 3D visualization business. Together they employ hundreds of IT workers in dozens of cities across Ukraine. From the beginning of the war both men saw the humanitarian catastrophe unfold and joined forces to mobilize their employees, friends, family, and clients to help those in need.

The focus of this humanitarian organization is the supply and distribution of medicine and humanitarian supplies to those impacted by the war. SaveKyiv has partnered with the Renew Democracy Initiative, a charity chaired by chess legend & human rights activist Garry Kasparov, to make this mission a reality as we ramp up our humanitarian operations in Ukraine. From now on, we receive contributions through the RDI website. They are a 501(c)(3) organization, so for individuals and companies, the donations will be tax-deductible (to find out the details, please consult a lawyer).

We currently have a logistics center in Poland, and distribution centers in Kyiv and Lviv that can quickly distribute aid where it’s needed most. We are working directly with the hospitals on the ground in the hardest hit areas, assessing their needs and getting them specific supplies they urgently request. Our organization plays a vital role, directly distributing badly needed medical supplies to places the larger corporate charities do not operate, and with our direct cooperation on the ground we are able to address the changing needs of each hospital. Our goal is to ensure the innocent victims of war are given a chance to survive.

Our volunteers